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interior design process

Red Fern walks the client through the creative process, professional install and ongoing maintenance to instill a sense of ownership and appreciation for a special piece of green,

tailored to their space and lifestyle.

Site Visit
The designer meets the client at the space for a consultation, which includes a review of visual references and design discussion.  

The designer delivers the proposal to the client. The proposal includes the garden plan, visual references, full line budget, and a scale sketch of the garden design.


Specimen Selection
After the client enters into contract with Red Fern and the date for garden install is set, the designer will hand-pick the plant palette from the best nurseries in the area.


Red Fern will professionally install your garden with a courteous crew of  knowledgable horticulturalists. We will protect floors, windows, and doors from damage and leave the space clean. Red Fern and all work crews are fully insured.

Care Instructions
The designer will follow up with in-depth care instructions for the plants.  Once the specimens adapt to their new environment, the client can discuss a suitable maintenance plan.

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