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Red Fern Brooklyn 

A garden tells a story.

Whether a brownstone backyard or a terrace overlooking the city, the experience of a green space can bring relaxation, reflection, and solitude. A garden counts down the years of our own personal grown, quality time with friends, or the cultivation of family.


A bloom, the turning color of a leaf, or the endurance of evergreen reminds us of who we areand who we are becoming.


Red Fern strives for sustainable, classic and forward-thinking design building on the unique character of your space and your personal style.


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Red Fern has an ongoing commitment to the health and vitality of your green space. We want to keep your specimens looking fresh and lush. Maintenance includes pruning, weeding, weatherizing, general clean up as well as organic fertilization and pest control.

We offer a variety of maintenance packages tailored to your schedule and space.


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Plants help us live better lives.

A number of studies show plants can help purify the air and can contribute to both relaxation and productivity.  Let us bring green chic to your home, office space, or retail store and you will  begin to feel the results.


We also design and install all-organic event decor for parties, pop-ups, and special campaigns, as well as specimen placement for film and still photography


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